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Location & Sights

Location & Sights

Location & Sights

In the breathtaking mountain of Pindos, overlooking the Aoos river «Konitsa Mountain Hotel» in Konitsa  the town of Extreme Sports, next to one of the most important areas of the country and on a European level: the National Park of Northern Pindos. The Hotel offers visitors a magnificent view of the mountains of Nemertsika and Tymfi (Gamila). The two mountains of Trapezitsa and Tymfi form the Aoos Gorge, a world geological heritage monument integrated into the European Geoparks Network of UNESCO.


Sights to visit

Aoos Bridge
Stone bridge near the exit of the Aoos ravine. Build in 1870, the bridge is the tallest and widest one-arched bridge in Greece.

Stomio Monastery
The hike towards Stomio Monastery commences at the Konitsa bridge and you'll surely find the 1 hour and ten minutes route traversing through the Aoos ravine beyond magical. The monastery's breathtaking view is equally as charming and mystifying.

Holy Monastery of Virgin Mary of Molyvdoskepasti
Situated 400 meters from the Greek-Albanian border, close to the village of Molyvdoskepasto. The monastery actually got its peculiar name from the temple's rooftop which was made out of lead plates that were later used by the Turks as ammunition for their riffles.

A magestic, traditional area constituted of stone-built villages and bridges, mosques, and pricturesque alleys. Ganadio, Monastiri and Molista and some of the must-seen villages around.

Charming and traditional, Zagorochoria stand out for their classical architecture. Vikos, Aristi and Papigo will surely impress you.

Folklore Museum of Konitsa
The museum's collection include exhibits from the 19th century up to the early 20th , such as tools and utensils.

Upper Kleidonia
With a breathtaking view of the russet rocky slopes of Papigo and the Voidomati river, the time-honored, epirotic settlement of Upper Kleidonia, perched high up on a 1000 meter altitude, has a priceless array of churches and chapels.

Kavasila and Amarantos thermal water spa
A couple kilometres past Iliorachi, Kavasila is renowned for its splendid thermal water spa. The thermal springs are situated about 5km away from the village of Kavasila, and their fame dates centuries back. Their healing properties positively affect the healing of fractured bones while, being rich in sodium sulfite, aid greatly in treating rheumatic diseases and dermatitises. The springs temparature is constantly maintained to 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 Fahrenheit). Apart from balneotherapy, our guests are also offered mud baths, drinking therapy and inhaling therapy. The facilities are operating from May to October.

Amarantos thermal water springs are situated 5km away from the village of Amarantos, Municipality of Konitsa. Placed in the midst of a beautiful forest, near the Greek-Albanian borders, they're on a 1260 meter altitude. Warm vapes are distributed from the border of its calcareous rocks. Due to the theurapidic nature of the vapes, countless guests surge in during the period of June-September. Kalpaki Museum
The war museum can be found while entering Kalpaki, 30km away from Konitsa. It features exhibits from the greek-italian war and a reenactment of the Kalpaki battle. The tour is hosted by actual soldiers, working at the Museum, while also available is an audiovisual documentary concering the battle of Kalamas river.



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