• AO's ravine
  • Monastery Molivdoskepasti Konitsa
  • Wine Museum


All our experiences are tailored to each visitor - ensuring you will remember them forever. From horseback riding to hiking, the surrounding landscape offers a range of activities for all seasons. Consult us and we will gladly design your experience.
Canoying  Experience in Voidomatis


Canyoning is the ultimate outdoor activity for extreme sports enthusiasts, as it combines hiking in a wild landscape, swimming in the river and rappel in the waterfall.
Rafting on a lake.

Rafting on the river Voidomatis

This beautiful route crosses the core of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, in the lush natural landscape with turquoise waters and rare vegetation.
Small bridge in Konitsa.

Horseback riding

A personalized forest riding experience, through the imposing pine forest.
Vikos mountain biking

Mountain biking

Enter the forest on uncharted paths, reach the top and witness the serene natural landscape in the beautiful beech forest and enjoy the unique view to Tymfi and the gorge of Vikos.
Hiking in drakolimni

Hiking Drakolimni

Be enchanted by the panoramic view and discover the legend of the dragons and how the "dragon lake" at the top of Flegga was created.


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